Download the Official CompTia 2006 Objectives Here: Essentials 220-602 220-603 220-604

HERE are some test taking tips (Word Format) HERE are some sample A+ test questions

Test Questions for Chapters from class are HERE

Download a VERY comprehensive IT Glossary HERE

Geekish Links (Good sites for the A+ Student or budding Geek):

Computer Hope
(Good overall tech info for the beginner and anyone trying to understand technology or looking for drivers) /
(What can I say . . .) ThinkGeek is fun too!

(Hey I like their Logo . . . good place for help)

Tom's Hardware
(One of the best hardware sites around)

(Quintessential Geek site for news and good stuff)

BIOS Survival Guide
(When you need BIOS Help)

Driver Guide
(Worth the registeration)
(They know this stuff)


The Tech Guide
(Geeks with Attitude)

Extreme Tech
(Not for beginners)

Microsoft TechNet
(And they bought Sysinternals )

Windows Supersite
(This guy eats, sleeps and breaths Windows)

Windows Support Center
(Interesting politics, but some good stuff)